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Venus Hum

On the Fringe of Obscurity

Formed by three nomads from New Jersey, Cincinnati Ohio and Whitefish Montana, Kip Kubin, Tony Miracle, and Annette Strean met on the Nashville Live Music scene. The three are iconoclastic in the their own right. Kubin's family friends made their own keyboards, drawing Kip into the scene. Miracle was a fan of The Cure and Depeche Mode. Strean was an iconoclast singing showtunes, watching 50's movies, and patterning her own clothes after them.

The band was first heard on the club scene. 'Montana' and 'Soul Sloshing.' Both hit #6 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Playlist. There is a wonderful Shanghai Surprise remix of 'Soul Sloshing' out there, if you can find it. However, like Strean searches for fabric and vintage clothing, fans outside of Nashville will have to search eBay and other venues for early Venus Hum pressings.

In 2003, Venus Hum recorded Donna Summer's disco classic 'I Feel Love' with Blue Man Group on their Complex record. The song was another club hit. The Blue Man Group franchise label elevated the song from the dance floor into the national consciousness. Blue Man Group featuring Venus Hum was found performing on Jay Leno in front of a national audience.

Venus Hum is named after a rare medical condition of band-member Tony Miracle. Tony can hear the pulse from his jugular vein in his ear.

How to describe the sound? Some call it dream pop. To me, it's more like Björk meets William Orbit. Strean has an elastic voice and a full vocal range, like the electronic version of Ani difranco: check out her work on the bathtub mix of 'Shameless.' Kubin and Miracle provide a driving and always interesting solid electronic bedrock. Considering that Nashville is not the heart of progressive electronic dance pop, this is an anomoly of sorts. In interviews, Venus Hum points to this as advantage, because there are so many first-class musicians and songwriters there.


Alternative Electronica
Indie Dance


1999, Venus Hum forms in Nashville TN
2001, First Record Release
2002, Perform at Larry Tee's (RuPaul) ElectroclashFestival in New York City
2002, Open for Stereolab in Nashville
2002, U.S. Tour with Sing-Sing
2003, Record song with Blue Man Group for The Complex
2004, Perform 'I Feel Love' with Blue Man Group on Leno and others

Significant Albums

2001 Venus Hum self-titled on now defunct MCA Records
2002 Humingbirds EP
2003 Big Beautiful Sky on Mono Fi Records

Similar Artists

Depeche Mode

Band Members

Miracle Tony: Keyboards, Programming
Kubin Kip: Keyboards, Programming
Strean Annette: Vocals

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