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Tsunami Bomb

Road to Significance

Formed in 1999 north of the Bay Area, San Francisco, Tsunami Bomb's strengths to date are their live shows. Three stints on the Van's Warped Tour and a European supporting role with The Vandals have showcased their live energy. Their 2002 cd The Ultimate Escape packaged the energy into an enduring format.

'Roundabout' is a tour-bus call-and-response anthem. '20 Going on...' and 'Headlights on a Hand Grenade' are loudspeaker shattering punk chargers. The Definitive Act was recorded in Boston in 2004 with rockers like 'Dawn on a Funeral Day' and 'Jigsaw.'

Musical influences are listed in a 2002 tour interview as Oingo Boingo, Skakin' Pickle, the Pixies and the Cure, the latter an Agent M pick. Asked which bands would be asked to play a show in their hometown of Pedaluma, the answers came fast: Hot Rod Circuit, Hot Water Music, and Alkaline Trio. What irks the band are comparisons to other female led bands like Save Ferris. Blink 182 for pure fun and melodic power may be more appropriate. Tsunami Bomb is not ska or pop, it is pure punk. So Enjoy!


West Coast Punk Revival Second Wave
Indie Rock


late 90's, Tsunami Bom forms in Petaluma CA
1999, Single on Checkmat Records
2001, 1st Warped Tour
2002, 2nd Warped Tour and 1st album
2003, 3rd Warped Tour and International Tour of Canada, Europe and Japan
2004, 2nd album
2005, Atticus European Tour with Hopesfall and Name Taken

Significant Records

1999, First Single on Checkmate records
2000, The Invasion From Within EP
2002, The Ultimate Escape
2004, The Definitive Act


The Vandals

Band Members

Agent M: Vocals
Lindemann Gabe: Drums
McKenzie Matt: Bass
Northington Jay: Guitar

Photo Credits

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Unearthed Interview: 3 July 2002
WBGU Radio Interview: 19 March 2003

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