Commander Tom, Sophye Gassmann, Stephan Bentrup, Nikolaj Georgiew Sophye and Commander Tom: Attention! Publicity Photo by Georgiew Sophye Gassmann: Attention! Publicity Photo by Georgiew Sophye Gassmann: Attention! Publicity Photo by Georgiew

Commander Tom

Road to the Dance Floor

Commander Tom was already a known quantity from the 90's club scene, when he signed up with Pulsive. The retread single 'Are Am Eye?' was a hit on the Deutsch Dance Club scene but did not achieve success outside of this limited venue. The music video was not picked up and there was no English Language distribution.

The second single was a totally different story. The hook for 'Attention!' is based on the club classic 'Superstar.' The Novy v Eniac vocal loop was enough to crack the German dance club and later the English Language market. The higher-profile video team helped open the door to heavy video rotation.

Two Hannoverians were called for the video. Sophye Gassmann is a model and Deutsch September 2002 Playboy Playmate. Nikolaj Georgiew had directed Klubbingmann, Milk & Sugar, and Natasha Thomas. Georgiew directed the 'Attention!' music video and published the photos on the side panel of this page.

In September 2004, the single 'Attention' hit #1 on the Vinyl Purchase Lists (Verkaufscharts) and entered in at #2 on the Deutsch Dance Chart (DDC).'Attention!' gained heavy rotation on VIVA and DE MTv. By January of 2005, an English distribution deal was signed with Ministry of Sound, and the single slid into the UK Top 40 at #23.

One hit retread wonder or career resuscitation, stay tuned!




2004, 'Are Am Eye?' marks the return of Commander Tom
2004, 1st international single, Attention! featuring DE Playmate Sophye Gassmann


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