Nickelback: Publicity Photo Nickelback: Publicity Photo Nickelback: Live at Hammerstein Ballroom NYC 2002 Jun Nickelback: How You Remind Me Video Shoot 2001 Jul, Vancouver Nickelback: Publicity Photo, The Long Road 2003


From Cover Band to Alt-Glory

In 1996, Canada's Nickelback was a cover band in Hanna, 215 kilometres northeast of Calgary. Tired of playing other people's songs, singer/guitarist Chad Kroeger borrowed 4.000 CD, and travelled to Vancouver. Brother Mike Kroeger and bassist Ryan Vikedal followed two months later.

In January 2000, The State was released independently during a slow rock period. At the time, Canadian content requirements were increased and local rock radio needed homegrown product. They found was Nickelback's single "Leader of Men." Nickelback toured ceaselessly for The State, and ended up being distributed by Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam in the US and EMI in Canada. The initially independent album eventually sold 500.000 copies.

Many of the songs for Silver Side Up were written before The State was completed. The songs were written in the first person and had more immediacy. Songs like 'How You Remind Me' and 'Never Again' propelled Silver Side Up to five-time platinum status in the US.

In 2003, The Long Road followed up on the phenominal success of Silver Side Up. Nickelback delivers more of the same with 'Feeling Way Too Damned Good,' 'Figured You Out,' and 'Someday.' The breakthrough record received critical acclaim for its combination of power and passion. Success applied a different standard to their follow-up The Long Road.

The critics were much tougher on the now commercial Nickelback. Listeners were critics too. There is even a web-site that overlays Nickelback songs onto to one another to show how they plaguerize each other. I seem to remember doing this with .38 Special songs in the 80's. Nevertheless, more records are sold and more shows performed.


Alt-Metal Neo-Grunge


2002, 'How You Remind Me' is Billboard's #1 played song across all formats
2002, Nickelback is Billboard Magazine's most played band across all formats
2002, Kroeger and Saliva's Josey Scott collaborate on Spiderman's 'Hero'

Significant Albums

2001, Silver Side Up
2003, The Long Road

Contemporaries & Influences

Breaking Benajamin
Puddle of Mudd

Band Members

Adair Daniel: drums
Kroeger Chad: vocals, guitar
Kroeger Mike: bass
Peake Ryan: guitar, vocals

Photo Credits

Nickelback: Official Site
RoacRunner Records: Nickelback Biography

  • 2004-2005, Stephan Lau-- Chicago Illinois USA