Green Day

Road to Fame

Green Day rose to fame with the rest of the California punk revival scene. Bay Area bands included Rancid. Southern California contributed Blink 182, Face to Face, NoFX and The Offspring. The related punk-ska scene was also blooming with groups like Goldfinger and No Doubt just beginning to hit their mark.

While other California bands toiled in relative anonymity, Green Day burst into the national consciousness. They even won the 37th Grammy Award for best alternative album in 1994! More pop than angry disaffected suburban kids, Green Day's credibility suffered at the hands of their fellow punkers.

By 2004 and the release of American Idiot, Green Day has remained intact, influential, and more relavent than those other bands that refused to give this California trio their due.


Punk Revivalists


1988, Formed in Berkeley CA
1992, Kerplunk, Green Day's indie release garners major label attention
1994, Dookie scores hits with Longview, and Basket Case
1994, Woodstock, a huge Green Day appearance
1996, Van's Warped Tour
2000, Warning
2004, American Idiot scores hits with American Idiot and Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Significant Albums

1994 Dookie, the original punk-revival breakthrough
2004 American Idiot, the new generation's Tommy


The Buzzcocks, speed punk
The Kinks, British Invasion, punk and power pop
The Jam, punk British Invaders
The Ramones, punk (Phil Spector and British Invasion versions)
The Who, British Invasion, punk

Band Members

Armstrong Billie Joe: guitar, vocals
Dirnt Mike (Mike Pritchard): bass
Cool Tre: drummer

Photo Credits

Green Day: Fan Site
Green Day: Official Site, Wendy Marvel shots

Green Day: Los Angeles CA 2004 Green Day: Los Angeles CA 2004 Green Day: Los Angeles CA 2004 Green Day: Billie Joe Armstrong, Los Angeles CA 2004 Green Day: Publicity Photo Green Day: Publicity Photo

  • 2004-2005, Stephan Lau-- Chicago Illinois USA