Site Compatibility

This site was tested using the following browsers:


Primary testing is conducted on Mozilla's Firefox 0.9 and 1.0. Mozilla is an open-source community. Code is primarily based on the original Netscape. Mozilla contains a Browser, Internet Chat, E-Mail client, and Newsreader among other features. It is an Internet Explorer alternative. Testing is performed on the browser only version, Firefox.

Internet Explorer

Secondary testing is conducted on Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 xpsp2. This is the world's most popular browser and is prevalent at Internet Cafe's. It uses a slightly different implementation of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Lower versions of IE have not been tested, e.g. v4 and v5, and these may not implement CSS in the same manner.


Some testing has been performed using's Web TV 1.1 emulation. Given this site's 800 versus WebTV's 640 pixel width, the test did not go well. CSS and Javascript are not implemented, so the pop-up images will not work. WebTV users should navigate from the SiteMap window.

Other Compatibility Issues


This site uses javascript to display images in a new window, date/time, and to hide my e-mail address from bots/spiders. You must enable javascript to expand thumbnail images. An upcoming version upgrade to this site will incorporate a non-script option. However, since I need to add code to each page, it may take a while, about an afternoon of work.

WC3org and CSS

This site formats using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Non CSS compliant Browsers will not be able to view this site properly. During the making of this site, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft IE tolerated CSS differently. It is suspected that using browsers other than Firefox 0.8+ and IE 5.5+ will generate different results.

General Comments

Visitors are encouraged to write me regarding browser incompatibilities. Your comments will be taken into account in future design and debugging. Use the comment form found on the Home Page or leave a note on the Discussion Board

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