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Part Two

Road to Glory

It was never meant to be a solo record, but the Nebraska demo tapes proved to be too biographical, dark and powerful on their own to be turned into full-band rockers by The E Street Band. In 1982, Springsteen released Nebraska to rave critical reviews and moderate popular success. Songs like 'Atlantic City' and 'Johnny 99' were violent tales of rural Americana. 'Open All Night' was a Chuck Berry rocker. Perhaps the best slice of Americana since Johnny Cash's At Fulsome County Prison

1984 marked the Stadium version of Springsteen. Born in the USA carried 7 Top 10 hits and sold over 10 million albums. 'Dancing in the Dark,' introduced future television Friends star Courtney Cox to the masses when Bruce pulled her up on stage during the video. There is even a huge Arthur Baker 12" remix of the same song. He also remixed U2's 'New Years Day' and 'Two Hearts (beat as one)'.

Springsteen's second solo record, Tunnel of Love, sported a stripped down rock sound. Singles such as 'Tunnel of Love' and 'Brilliant Disguise' were melodic and even a little electronic. Unlike the previous solo record, this was not so much a romantic landscape of small-towns and small-town hoods, but rather a tale about one or two people trying to make it in the world. Recorded after his divorce from actress Julianne Phillips and before his marriage to background singer Patty Scialfa, Tunnel of Love ushered in the next step of Springsteen's career.


American Roots Rock


1973, Formed in Asbury Park, NJ USA
1974, Numerous iterations of Born to Run are recorded at The Power Station.
1975, Born to Run is released
1978, Darkness on the Edge of Town released after legal battles
1980, The River is Rolling Stone's Album of the Year
1984, Born in the USA's Dancing in the Dark is Springsteen's first Number One
1985, Popularity leads the arena tour to become the Stadium Tour
1987, Tunnel of Love becomes the first non E Street release since Nebraska

Significant Albums

1975 Born to Run, best American Rock performance since the Byrds, CCR and Dylan
1978 Winterland, a bootleg marathon run through legendary concert
1980 The River, double LP of American Rock, British Invasion Pop, and Folk
1982 Nebraska, the Woodie Guthrie folk album Springsteen yearns to make
1984 Born in the USA, Monster Rock Album
1995 Springsteen box set, contains studio demos


Berry Chuck
CCR, John Fogerty's Creedence Clearwater Revival
Dylan Bob, the original American Story Teller, both acoustic and eletric versions
Presley Elvis
The Animals, Eric Burden's slightly psychedelic hard rock British Invasion sound
The Byrds, legendary American rockers later to become Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Band Members

Bittan Roy: piano
Clemons Clarence: saxophone
Federaci Danny: organ
Lofsgren Nils: lead guitar (2)
Springsteen Bruce: rhythm guitar, vocals
Scialfa Patty: background vocals
Tallent Garry: bass
Van Zandt Steven: lead guitar (1)
Weinberg Max: drums

Photo Credits

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Born to Run: cover art, 1975

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