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Top Hotels: Renaissance Sport, Walnut Creek California USA

Walnut Creek is located in California's Silicon Valley. We had a large team of over 30 people with 10 staying at the hotel at any one time. The Sport concept is a new one for the Marriott chain and Renaissance brand of hotels. The Sport term originates from the type of facility. On one side, there is a health club with gymnasium, basketball courts and running track. On the other side, there is a hotel. In the middle, there is a pub and a restaurant.

Normally, I do not eat at hotel restaurants. The food is generally very average and the prices are high. At Restaurant Blue, the food is excellent and the prices are reasonable. It is a tapas style restaurant with many smaller plates and an oriental flavor. My favorite dishes here were the Cantonese roasted duck breast and tofu with bok choi. My dinner tab never came to more than 18 USD. For a good hotel in an expensive area, this is a bargain! Also, it was only a short walk from my room.

The hotel is fairly new and it is extremely clean. The rooms are very modern and colorful. The staff is friendly and helpful. The facilities are good, and as mentioned there is an attached health club. This is free to hotel guests.

If there is a downside, it is only the valet parking. This is a California phenomenon. I am not a big fan, especially since there is plenty of room and an attached covered carpark. Nevertheless, they are efficient and the price is not so high.

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