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When I told the front desk staff at the Stanford Court in San Francisco that their pictures would be up shortly on my web site, I had no idea that I had collected so many hotel photos. So, this little project took a little longer than expected. Also, I haven't been very good at taking photos of my favorite hotel staff, but on this, I will improve.

Why hotel photos? I have been travelling constantly for the past 7 years. I don't have an exact count. However, when I look at my utilization rate and pattern of travel, my guess is that I have booked >1000 hotel nights during that period. Since I spend half my nights in hotels, it really is my home away from home.

This section is alphabetically organized. It also does not cover all the hotels in which I have stayed. However, it covers all the big ones.

Favorite Hotels (alphabetical)

Hyatt Regency, Dearborn USA
Hyatt Regency Union Station, St Louis USA
Renaissance Kongresszemtrum, Salzburg Austria
Renaissance Sport, Walnut Creek USA
Renaissance Stanford Court, San Francisco USA
Renaissance Tower City, Cleveland USA

What makes a hotel a favorite is a combination of cleanliness, location, physical structure, and the staff! I have stayed in grander hotels, the Hotel Marriott on Ringplatz, Wien, Hotel Mayflower in DuPont Circle, Washington DC, and Hotel Renaissance in Times Square, New York City immediately come to mind. However, it is the friendly (gemutlich) nature of the staff that makes the biggest difference. Being on the road so often, it is nice to be remembered and it is nice to return to a home away from home. I would return to each and every one of those hotels just to see how the staff is doing.

Three cheers for those making the list!

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St Louis: Hotel Grand Hyatt, Union Station Cleveland: Hotel Renaissance, Tower City San Francisco: Hotel Renaissance, Stanford Court Walnut Creek: Hotel Renaissance Sport Dearborn: Hotel Hyatt Regency Salzburg: Hotel Renaissance, Kongresszentrum

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