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Clearwater City and Pinellas County Statistical Anomoly

As the result of this survey, another unusual condition was observed. Clearwater City and Pinella County's population is a lot more white than their counterparts in the other Florida urban areas of Miami and Tampa. In looking for a cause for this anomoly, we also looked at median home value. Sometimes, real estate values emphasize America's economic/racial divide. A scan of the result shows that property value is not the reason for this anomoly.

Region Whites Blacks Latinos Median Home Value (USD)
City Tampa 64.2%26.1%19.3% 81.500$
City Miami* 66.6%22.3%65.8%120.100$
County Miami-Dade (Miami)* 69.7%20.3%57.3%124.000$
City St Petersburg 71.4%22.4% 4.2% 81.000$
State Florida 78.0%14.6%16.8%105.000$
United States 75.1%12.3%12.5%119.800$
County Hillsborough (Tampa) 75.2%15.0%18.0% 97.700$
City Clearwater 83.9% 9.8% 9.0%100.500$
County Pinellas (Clearwater)85.9% 9.0% 4.6% 96.500$

*The US Census Bureau apparently allows the double counting of white and latino.

As a former Philadelphian, I am obligated to report that Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater is the spring training home of the Philadelphia Phillies (Major League Baseball).


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