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Just for fun, I looked at 2000 US Census Bureau statistics for the area. Some of the results are surprising, well at least to me.

One of the comparisons made was against Scottsdale, Arizona. Scottsdale is an affluent resort and retirement community outside of Phoenix. As a percetage of pensioners versus total area population, Scottsdale ranks slightly below St. Pete's and Miami but well above the national average. As a frame of reference, Scottsdale home county, Maricopa, is at the national average for percentage of persons over 65 years of age.

Area Population >65 years %>65 years US Average
County Pinellas FL 921.482 207.56322.5%12.4%
County Miami-Dade FL 2.253.652300.55213.3%12.4%
County Hillsborough FL998.448 119.67312.0%12.4%
City Clearwater FL 108.787 23.537 21.4%12.4%
City St Petersburg FL 248.232 43.173 17.4%12.4%
City Miami FL 362.470 61.768 17.0%12.4%
City Scottsdale AZ 202.705 33.884 16.7%12.4%
City Tampa FL 303.447 37.953 12.5%12.4%

When people make the statement that Florida is the Golden State, they are not just talking sunshine but also about the average age. 5,7% of the national population population lives in Florida, but 8% of America's retirees live in the state. As an overall percentage, almost 1 in 5 state residents is over the age of 65. The national average is 1 in 8.

The state with the lowest ratio of population >65 years to total population is Utah. Here, the ratio of pentioners to overall population is 1 in 12, or less than half the national average. Utah is known as Family City USA, and has the nation's largest percentage of children <5 years old, 9%, and the lowest median age at 27. By comparison, Florida's median age is a full decade older, at 38 years old.

Area #>65 Years %>65 Years Median Age
Florida 2.806.59717.6%38.7
Pennsylvania 1.919.16515.6%38.0
West Virginia 276.89515.3%38.9
United States34.991.75312.4%35.3
Utah 190.222 8.5%27.1

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