Christmas 2004

In 2004, I attended two company Christmas parties. My current firm is based in London, and held its party at the Field Museum of Natural History. My old company is based in Paris, and it held its party in the Cadillac Club at Soldier Field.

Christmas 2004: At the new company

My employing firm was founded in London. Its USA headquarters are in New York City. The USA practice has 50.000 employees in 117 cities. Worldwide there are 120.000 employees in >140 countries. The European practice generates slightly more revenue than the USA one. In Fiscal Year 2004, gross revenues were 13.2 billion euro.

The Field Museum is one Chicago's main cultural attractions. It is located on Mayor William M. Daley's newly created museum campus. The campus also encompasses the Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium

The Field Museum's Permanent Exhibits cover anthropology, cultural anthropology, archeology, etymology, palaentology, and zoology. In addition to permanent and visiting exhibits, the museum also plays host to a number of private events. In June 1996, Princess Diana attended a gala event at the Field Museum, and also accepted a dance invitation from an American commoner.

Christmas 2004: Field Museum of Natural History

Field Museum of Natural History: Exterior from South Side Field Museum of Natural History: Interior from Balcony Stairway Field Museum Mezzanine: Monika Poses Field Museum, main floor: Monika and Stephan pose
Monika and Stephan pose in front of Jacqueline Onassis (Jackie O) Exhibit Field Museum, downstairs: Monika contemplates Field Museum of Natural History: Tribal Figures + 1 Field Museum Mezzanine: Stephan is touched

Christmas 2004: At the old company

My former company is based in Paris. Worldwide there are 55.000 employees in 30 countries. The USA practice employs approximately 5000. In Fiscal Year 2003, gross revenues were 5.8 billion euro. Since, FY02, the company has been negative in terms of cash, net income, and employee headcount.

The location of the annual Christmas Party can be a barometer of the company's financial health and its attitude toward employee morale. In past years, parties have been held at the House of Blues and Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom. The year my unit was purchased, the Christmas party was held in the Field Museum. Last year, losses totalled <500.000.000> euro, and the party was held in the office. This year, the estimated loss is <150.000.000> euro. The event was held at Soldier Field's Cadillac Club

Christmas 2004: Soldier Field, Cadillac Club

Soldier Field Cadillac Club: Watching Company Videos Soldier Field Cadillac Club: The Enthusiastic Crowd Soldier Field Cadillac Club: Murder on the Dancefloor Soldier Field Cadillac Club: Robin, Stephan, Art, Katherine

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