Gudmundsdottir Bjork

Born 1965 in Reykjavik Iceland, Gudmundsdottir studied classical music and she was a child performer at the age of 11. Her first Icelandic radio hit was Tina Charles' I Love To Love. This led to a self titled album of covers with many of Iceland's top musicians. At age 14 Bjork formed Tappi Tikarrass which translates as Cork The Bitch's Ass.

In 1988, the Sugarcubes first album, Life's Too Good debuted on the indie pop scene. The song 'Birthday' became a hit in the UK and peaked at #54 on the Billboard 100. Five years, three albums, one baby, and one divorce later, the Sugarcubes disbanded.

Prior to their breakup, Gudmundsdottir had performed guest vocals on 808 State's'Ooops.' This marked Bjork's first foray into dance and house music. After the Sugarcubes, Bjork moved to the London. She began working with former Soul II Soul producer Nellee Hooper. Her first single was 'Human Behaviour.' This set the stage for Bjork's first solo album.

Debut is an eclectic blend of acoustic, dance-pop, electronic, and jazz-leaning atmospheric, all with Bjork's ethreal voice floating amongst the non-vocal instruments. Possibly her best, and certainly her most critically acclaimed work, Debut is still as fresh today as it was in 1993. The black&white video of her hit, 'Big Time Sensuality' has also stood the test of time. It's quirky, it's Bjork.

In the year 2000, Bjork starred as Selma in Lars Von Trier's Dancer In The Dark. Her work was critically acclaimed. At the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, Bjork won the Best Actress award for that performance.


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