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My Favorite Wastes of Time

Gaming: Fantasy and Role Playing

Conventions: Role Playing and Strategy

GenCon and Origins are the grandfathers of gaming conventions. GenCon is the premiere gaming and fantasy role-playing event and tournament, read that as Dungeons and Dragons, in the world. This next year, conventions will be held in Anaheim, Barcelona, and Indianapolis. This year's Origins International Game Expo will be held in Columbus, Ohio.

Unlike their high tech cousins, fantasy conventions are filled with people in costumes. Vendors setup low tech booths to exchange memoriabilia, miniatures, and gaming accessories. Autograph sessions with famous game designers and actors from live action pictures are featured attractions as well.

Conventions: Comic Book and Film

The most famous comic book convention is the San Diego Comic-Con. At this convention, famous artists speak, give out autographs, and occasionally perform portfolio reviews. While the convention has gotten larger over time, and it really is a very big business, the same small industry cosiness exists.

Comic Book and Science Fiction Fans are often one in the same. This is why actors from certain shows such as Farscape, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Xena: The Warrior Princess will be asked to sign at comic conventions. As an aside, many of the same fans are also Monty Python's Flying Circus fans, but don't get me started. It is my prediction, that SciFi Channel's revival of Battlestar Galactica will put it in the same league as Xena

Conventions: Star Trek

Star Trek conventions hold a place near and dear to my heart. Why? Can you say James T. Kirk? The one-dimensional over-acting William Shatner has truly found has place on TV's Boston Legal. After four decades of truly memorable work on Star Trek: TV, Star Trek: movies, TJ Hooker and as a stereotypical beauty pageant host on Miss Congeniality (2000), 'The Shat' has earned the right to make his second full length recording. His first one, The Transformed Man must have been a hit in Germany, because I had to special order it from there. Then again, if David Hasselhoff can make it there...

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