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From the Different World page, should come an idea of the e3Expo.

There are also specific gaming tournaments, such as QuakeCon and WCG: World Cyber Games. 2005's WCG is being hosted in Singapore. Previous host cities included Seoul and San Francisco. This year's finale is being preceded by the WCG 2005 Samsung Euro Championship in Hannover DE. In 2004, total prize money exceeded 2.500.000 USD. The Finals were worth 420.000 USD. Preliminary rounds totalled 1.000.000 players from 59 countries. Of those 59, 27 countries provided state support for their sides.

The 2004 rankings were as follows:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Korea
  3. USA
  4. Deutschland

In Paris, France, the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) is a smaller WCG. In 2004, 250.000 participants from 50 countries competed in preliminaries. 2005 Finale's Purse is 300.000 USD.

Professional League: Computer Gaming

With the growth in on-line gaming, a year-long league has formed called the The Cyberathlete Professional League. Started in January 2005, the CPL World Tour boasts of 1.000.000 USD in total prize money with 500.000 USD in prizes at the Finale and 50.000 USD at each gaming stop. Usually there is one stop per country.

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