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I play on two realms. The primary realm is Icecrown. The realm server is part of the demo series. It has a lot of issues. Check the realm forums for more information, on how this server has earned the nickname Icedown. On the plus side, except for the early morning hours, there are a lot of people on the server. On the minus side, it was originally designated a 'Pacific Time Zone' server: being from Chicago, this is not always a good.

The second realm is Thunderhorn. This is a relatively new server, started in February 2005. It has a low population, and this makes it much more responsive during gameplay. The problem here is that a low population makes the Auction House (AH) less effective for buying and selling goods. Also, it is harder to find parties.

WOW Pic WOW Character Description Namesake Namesake Facts
WOW: Bjork Realm: Icecrown
Name:  Bjork
Race:  Gnome
Class: Mage
Type:  Fire
Prof:  Enchant, Tailor
Guild: Lyons Gate
Bjork Country: Iceland
Name:    Gudmundsdottir Bjork
Arbeit:  Artist
Fame:    Singer, Sugarcubes
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WOW: Sabine Realm: Icecrown
Name:  Sabine
Race:  Night Elf
Class: Hunter
Pet:   Boutros
Prof:  Skinner, Leather
Guild: Lyons Gate
Hagedoren Sabine Country: Belgium
Name:    Hagedoren Sabine
Arbeit:  Presenter
Fame:    TV-Rouwen
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WOW: Shaaft Realm: Icecrown
Name:  Shaaft
Race:  Human
Class: Warrior
Type:  Balanced
Prof:  Blacksmith, Mining
Guild: Lyons Gate
Samuel L Jackson as Shaft Country: USA
Name:    Shaft John
Arbeit:  ex-Policeman
Fame:    Film/Kino
stick it to the man!
WOW: Sofie Realm: Icecrown
Name:  Sofie
Race:  Human
Class: Priest
Type:  Shadow
Prof:  Alchemy, Herbal
Guild: Lyons Gate
Grosemans Sofie Country: Belgium
Name:    Grosemans Sofie
Arbeit:  Engineer
Fame:    Miss Belgian Beauty 04
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