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Hotel: Disney Orlando, Swan & Dolphin 2005

Disney: Swan Hotel & Lake from Dolphin Balcony Disney: Beach and Lake from Swan-Dolphin Causeway Disney: Dolphin Hotel Back Entrance Disney: Dolphin Hotel Lobby Entrance Disney: Dolphin Hotel Standard Room
Disney: Beach and Lake from Swan-Dolphin Causeway Disney: Dolphin Hotel Lobby Lounge Disney: Dolphin Back Entryway Disney: Dolphin Hotel Lobby Lounge Jellyrolls: Diane checking her mail
Disney: Pleasure Island Soundstage Jellyrolls: Diane, Kristi, Stephan Jellyrolls: Stephan, Joel, Diane Jellyrolls: Diane, Joel, Kristi Jellyrolls: Kristi, 2-fisted drinker
Jellyrolls: Doing the Chicken Dance Jellyrolls: Main Floor Jellyrolls: Katie, laughing Jellyrolls: Katie working the new camera Jellyrolls: Katie is PWO, photographing while oriental

Annually, my firm's USA practice holds a training event in Orlando Florida's Disneyworld. In 2005, 2 sessions were held. Approximately 1800 employees attended the first session.

There were many educational components. Classes began at 08.00 with a sign-in and continued until 17.30. Early evening and dinner activities were affinity group driven. Monday was everyone, Tuesday was by region, Wednesday by service line, and Thursday by sub-service line. Late night activities were not as regimented. The first evening was structured, and there was a mixer for everyone. Subsequent activities were not structured. However, since the pub Jellyrolls was nearby (800m), many late-night revelers began and ended their evenings there.

This annual get-together helps put faces to names. Many employees travel 80-100% of the time, and rarely see the colleagues in their own home city office. Most of the time, we meet people from other offices on the job site. This is a good way of reuniting job teams and expanding social circles. In my own case, I was reunited with co-workers from the Houston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC offices. We didn't meet in those cities, we met in Nashville. Also, I met people in my small service sector, whom I was only acquainted by phone.

Finally, I met people from my home Chicago office. We met in the airport terminal and on the plane. The entire Chicago office is less than 2000 people, we have 4 primary divisions, and my own service line is maybe 50 people. So, it was nice to identify people from the Chicago office with my division.

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