Chicago: Club Euro, Divka a Muz Leta 2004

Club Euro is a Czech dance club on Chicago's near west side on Irving Park between Long and Central Avenue. It has a large main dance floor that is also used for events, one main bar, a second bar in the back, and also a coffee bar. An upstairs stage and catwalk area is used for events. Along the side, there are booths that serve as a home-base for late nights out.

The clientele is primarily Czech. Popular Czech singers and other acts that visit the USA, will usually stop in at Club Euro. These include folk, pop, and solo acts. There is a local Chicago Czech band that will play here on occasion. In general, for the large events, a large number of local Czech expatriates will attend.

Like other Chicago european night clubs, it helps to know the language and to have a group of people that you know. At Club Euro, english speaking is tolerated but not encouraged. For dancing and entertainment, it is a wonderful little nightspot.

The photos taken here, were during the Guy and Girl of the Summer 2004. The competition consisted of a beauty pageant, interviews, and dancing. Prior to the event, a video was shown of 'the making' of the event, including rehearsal and interviews. The evening's professional entertainment, included a traditional Czech folk dancing troupe as well as some go-go dancers performing prior to the selection of the winners. Judges included local residents including the owner and manager at Czech Tempo@Cafe Prague

Czech TV USA was on-hand to film the event. There is a video archive available on the web, and small excerpts play in Czech Republic. The local news includes events in the area, and curiously, always a section on travel around the USA. Popular driving destinations include the Badlands in South Dakota, Niagara Falls, and the Smokey Mountains of Kentucky

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Club Euro: Czech Bar Staff Club Euro: Contestants Dance 2004 Club Euro: Free Dance 2004 Club Euro: Bar
Club Euro: Contestants Row Club Euro: Bozena and Monika Club Euro: Monika gives the finger Club Euro: Bozena, Radek, Monika


Czech Club: Club Euro
Czech Embassy Site with listing of Czech Restaurants: Government Site
Czech TV in USA: Channel 23 WFBT Chicago
Czech Tempo@Cafe Prague

Club Euro: Guy and Girl Finalists 2004 Club Euro: Traditional Czech Dancing Club Euro: Interview Portion Club Euro: Czech Go-Go Dancers Club Euro: Czech Emcees Club Euro: Bozena, Renata, Monika Club Euro: Map

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