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Cafe Prague

This is the only Czech cafe in the Chicago area. There are a few Czech bars and clubs, and a few mixed Czech and Polish bars, but Cafe Prague is the only pure Czech one. Unlike other European cafes, Cafe Prague only sells non-alcoholic beverages.

Meals are fresh, come in full and half portions, and are reasonably priced. Lunch and light dinner fare include: paninni, polevlka, and salat. Cafe, latte, and tea are also available with a packet of biscuits from Slovak Republic.

Cafe and food items are only one-half of the business here. The original storefront was a dry and packaged goods shop called Czech Tempo. Biscuits, Czech Crystal, magazines, Anglicky to Ceske/Slovak language texts, Czech Music CD's, and Dominic Hasek jerseys make up the other half of the store front.

Community service is a vital part of Cafe Prague's role. Young Czech women often find their first jobs here. Citizenship exam study aids, housing and jobs boards, as well as internet connected computers rented by the hour, help ease the transition into the Chicago neighborhood.

It's a small community and everyone knows one another. Sunday is a big day for people to ride their motorbikes here. During the summertime, Cafe Prague also runs a sidewalk cafe. It is directly adjacent to a Polish Outdoor Cafe.


Czech Temp Plus @ Cafe Prague

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