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Welcome to, Stephan Lau's personal web site. This site was first created on 2004.04.09 in Wien, Osterreich. When I designed the site, I thought that people would be interested in my travel pictures. I was dead wrong. In looking at the site statistics, people are looking at pictures of me! How boring.

Since the last update, I have been posting photos to Flickr. This is a free photo sharing site. The community aspect is wonderful, and I have received and given comments on other photos. As an amateur photographer, it's nice to see what others are doing, and how one is in comparison.

I am still deciding on the identity of this particular site. I have the new Wiki, which doesn't have any content in it right now. I have some photos on Flickr, and I have a vast amount of content here. Content Management is becoming a problem for me, and I need to decide how to best manage this situation.

In the meantime, enjoy the new photo pages on hotels and training. Also make sure and check out the Flickr site.

For those keeping score on my whereabouts. From August and September, I will splitting time between Rochester Minnesota, Nashville Tennessee and Washington DC, with the bulk of my time being spent in our nation's capital. I recently posted a photo to Flickr from LaCrosse Wisconsin at the Upper Mississippi State Park on the Minnesota side. I am behind on my Nashville posts. Also, expect to see some Washington DC updates soon.

My brand spanking new Canon 20D is on the way, along with a new Manfrotto tripod and ballhead. I bought some new Canon glass as well, a 50mm/f1.8 prime lens and a 28-135mm/f3.5 zoom. I didn't have an extra 1000 USD to buy a wide-angle lens, but am hopeful to do that in the next couple months. The key to this purchase is the 20D's reputation for low noise in dim light conditions. If this is true, look for some new night time photos.

Use the Site Index to find all of the new pages. Don't forget to read terms and conditions if you intend on posting here.


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