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This site is designed for visually impaired accessibility. More information is available at Browser Compatibility. The first tab stop is at E-Mail section. This may also be accessed using the ALT-E key on Windows PC's and 'E' key on non-Windows machines.


Clicking on the Title Area [1] will always send you to the Home Page. The Menu Bar [6] connects to Subject Area Index Pages. The Nav List [9] list other main pages within the Subject Area Index. A single Index Menu may hold more than one page, these are designated with [n] after the link text. The Sub-Menu will assist in navigating this group of pages. Thus we have a four-tier menuing system: Main Index-> Menu Bar -> Nav List -> Sub-Menu.

Credits and Related Links

Books and Web Sites providing background information, specific information and images appear as Links [4] and Credits [5]. While it is not necessary under Fair Use, where the originating information source is known, will contact original authors and individuals pictured at its own discretion and option.

Search Engine has internal web search capabilities. Enter the text into the Search Query area and press the Search button. Follow the hyperlinks to the desired area. Jump back to the original page by using your browser's back button.

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Visitors have three methods of contacting The easiest method is to use the Comment Form. Comment Forms are located on each Index Page. Name and Return E-Mail address are not required. Type text into the Comments Area and press the submit button. This method is useful for anonymous users, visitors that have only one browser instance available, and those without e-mail. Users may also post to the Forum

For those individuals on their home machines, mail can be sent to the address at the bottom of the page.


You may use the discussion board to post comments and exchange views with other users. Web Bots and Spiders can enter the database and mine personal information. If you wish to avoid spam you may wish to post as a guest. You can also avoid spam by messaging me directly through the Comment Form. Read Usage Terms and Conditions for this site before posting. Do not register if you are under age 13.

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