Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls are about 12.000 years old, and they attract approximately 12.000.000 tourists a year. Approximately 150.000 US Gallons fall per second from a height of 176 feet across a width of 1060 feet. 1/5 of the all the fresh water in the world lies in the four Upper Great Lakes: Michigan, Huron, Superior and Erie. All the outflow emptied into the Niagara River and cascades over the Falls.

The Falls were formed when melting glaciers formed the Great Lakes. Rushing waters carved out a river and passed over the Niagara escarpment. Erosion created the Niagara Gorge. Water that flows over the Falls is deposited in Lake Ontario. It then flows downstream through the St. Lawrence River into the Atlantic Ocean.

In the early 1900's, daredevils made the Falls a popular attraction. Tightrope walkers and men in barrels falling over the cliffs were part of the attraction. With more frequent rail and road connections, by the 1920's, Niagara Falls was a popular honeymoon destination. The town itself still has a wax museum and other small tourist attractions. However, the reality is that Niagara itself is an industrial town with an Oxy chemical plant and hydro-electric facilities.

The Trip

In 22 hours, we drove from Chicago to Niagara Falls and returned. We covered 1200 miles or 1931 km, spent two hours at the site and an hour at the airport picking up our rental car. The average rate was 63 mph or 101 kmh.

My friend Monika was a truck driver. So, we slept in shifts and constantly drove. For a month, her mother from Brno, Czech Republic (Ceské republice) is a tourist in USA, so we wanted to see as many sites as possible. There really isn't very much to do in Niagara Falls, although the Canadian side does offer more shopping and a few exhibitions.

Niagara Falls Photo Gallery

Road Map: Chicago to Niagara Falls Dawn Patrol: outside Erie, PA Snoozing: Monika Snoozing: Bozena
Beautiful Downtown: Niagara Niagara Falls: American Side on Goat Island Niagara Falls: American Side from Observatory Deck Niagara Falls: American Side from Terrace
Niagara Falls: American Side overlooking Cavern of Mists Niagara Falls: American Side overlooking Maid of Mists Rainbow from Goat Island Inventor: Nikolas Tesla
Niagara Falls: Monika Veverka: Squirrel Park Bench: Monika and Mom, near Veverka Goat Island: Monika and Mom
Niagara Falls: Monika Niagara Falls: Stephan Niagara Falls: American Side- Bozena, Monika, Stephan Niagara Falls: Mother and Daughter
Goat Island: Monika and Stephan Dusk: Indiana Toll Road Night: Chicago Sears Tower over the Kennedy Expressway Night: Chicago's Kennedy Expressway heading Northbound I-90/94


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