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Hurricane Hugo

In September 2003, Hurricane Hugo slammed into town. When the hurricane reached Washington, wind speeds were approaching 60 mph/96kph. By the time it reached shore, Hugo was only a Category 2 storm. This was the first, but not the last time that we would see the federal and municipal governments shut down.

At 6 am, the news was broadcasting office and government closings. They also declared that the Metro would shutdown at 11am. This would make a return trip home impossible. Our team decided that it was time to go home.

When we reached the airport, the lines were long. We were struggled to take any flight that was heading west and away from the storm. At first, my airline representative offered to fly me into Raleigh-Durham to take a connecting flight back to Chicago. I inquired, insn't that where is coming from? Funny, I ended taking the last flight out of Washington National Airport (DCA) to St Louis, and then St Louis to home.

During the winter, we would see the government shut down at the first sign of snow. In Chicago, high winds and snow are a regular occurance, the city bought plows and pays overtime, and we can all go to earn our day's pay. In Washington DC, they do not either have the equipment, organization, or desire to face the coldest season of the year. They also shut down the Metro, because the sloping above-ground portions are not designed for ice. A few inches of snow and ice closes everything. As the world's most advanced country, this is embarrassing.


As my teammates call them, snaw-sage-yes, a combination of sausage and (pig) snout. We work often work late and sometimes without lunch, so it is important to have some canned foods in the work area. I usually buy foods that I grew-up eating: Deviled Ham, Herring, Potted Meat Product, SPAM, and Vienna Sausages. All but the potted meat product is relatively expensive for what it is, so I usually try to buy a generic version.

My teammates humor me by eating some of the food products. Pictured, former regular Army member Brian eats a generic Vienna Sausage; it's almost better than the UGR/A-ration Turkey Sausage in brine. If Larry can eat gefilte fish, then herring is no problem. Larry is pictured enjoying the pickled fish.

We also took some time to visit the Washington landmark Ben's Chili Bowl. Founded in 1958, the restaurant sits conveniently across the street from the U Street/African-American Civil War Museum Metro stop. The chili is good, but the chili dogs are better. Don't miss this stop on your Washington tour!


Official Site: Ben's Chili Bowl

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