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St Louis, Missouri [part 3]

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St Louis: The Wedding Engagement [part 3]

The Wedding Engagement

Of twelve core technology team members, five were married shortly before, during, or engaged during the first year of this project. Records are not generally kept for such occurances, but this must have been some sort of record. I had just come from a project in Atlanta, where four of six women that worked directly on one of my teams was pregnant or was to become pregnant during the first year that project. So if Atlanta was the baby engagement, then this was the wedding engagement.

The Newlyweds

Alex in Milwaukee

Alex, short for Alexandria, joined us from the EAI practice in Phoenix. Alex was like the little engine that could. She was always a ray of sunshine during some very dark project days. It was funny when the company issued our most petite employee the heaviest possible laptop. A year into the project, Alex was engaged to her high-school sweetheart, a major league baseball prospect and broker. She moved to Los Angeles with her husband, and is now working locally. Alex was the first person I recruited to our team.

Benji in St Louis

Benji, short for Benjamin, joined us out of the core development office in Chicago. In personality, Benji is the male version of Alex. Originally from Ghana, his personality bubbles and I remember him out of the rest of his college interview group. He is recklessly creative and is more an application developer than DBA. He married Nanna shortly before joining our team. They now have one child. Benji still works for the company. Benji was my last recruit for the 'build' part of the project.

Dana in St Louis

Dana had just started working in the St Louis/Clayton office when our project started. She wasn't a member of our team, but she greeted us and made us out-of-towners feel at home in St Louis every day for three years. Dana was two weeks from getting married when this photo was taken.

Jason at Bandares

Jason, joined our interface team a year into the project. He was engaged a year later and married another year after that. After the initial build, Jason was primarily responsible for customizing around the previously created mechanisms. He is pictured here with one of configurators, Jana, a client interface programmer, and myself.

Siva in St Louis

Siva, short for Sivaganesh, is a DBA out of our San Francisco office. Siva was married during our assignment. We were worked six and seven days a week, so his new wife stayed with him in the hotel. We joked that his wife must think he lying about his house, because she never saw it her first two months in the USA. Also nicknamed 'grandma,' Siva is a deliberate and methodical DBA, and a perfect complement to Benji. He is still with the company.

Trish says asta la vista to the firm

Trish, short for Patricia, joined us out of the Oracle practice in Atlanta. Trisha is one of the sweetest people that I know. Part of that may be a southern charm, but I feel that Trish just radiates goodness from the inside. Trish was engaged to Greg a few months into her tenure with our team. There is a picture below of Alex trying on Trisha's ring for the camera. Alex's ring would come six months later. Prior to the marriage, she left the firm and found a local job in Atlanta. Trish was the second recruit I brought onto the job.

Justin bids adieu in St Louis

Justin, is a nurse and worked in Supply Chain out of our St Louis office. He wasn't on our technical team, but he did get engaged shortly after he left the project and the firm. Justin is a friendly fellow, always full of good cheer, and we were very sorry to see him go.

Tracy pokes fun at the photographer in St Louis

Tracy is another member of our Supply Chain team out of the St Louis office. She wasn't on our technical team, but she worked in our Project Management Office (PMO) for years. Tracy is very animated, and is another fun person to be around. She was engaged shortly after her assignment on the project, and moved downstate in Missouri.

Alex trying on Trish's ring 8 mos later, both are Engaged, Showing off the rings Short on tickets for Tricia's wedding present Trish in Chicago

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