Austin TX

Austin, Texas

The City

Austin is the capital for the state of Texas, and is also known as the 'live music capital of the world.' There are at least 40 live music venues in Austin. Live blues, country & western, honky-tonk, and rock music fills the length of Sixth and two parallel streets.

The South by Southwest Music Festival is also known as a venue for new bands to be discovered. Popular acts such as Norah Jones and White Stripes were discovered at South by Southwest. Local acts include such as Shawn Colvin, Fastball, Washington DC transplant Kelly Willis, and Nanci Griffith.

Dinner Time on Sixth Street
Romano's Macaroni Grill
Buffalo Billiards Challenge
Pool Shark: Astrid
Kelly Willis

Austin's primary industries are high-tech and the university. Large employers in the area include Dell Computer, IBM, Motorola, and The University of Texas. Austin is headquarters to Dell Computer, National Instruments, and Whole Foods Markets.

Austin is the only major city in Texas where white people, 53% are a majority. 200.000 Austinites are of hispanic or latino origin. In 2000, the US Census reported Austin's population at 656.200. 48.000 are students at the university, and another 20.000 are faculty and staff. Approximately 1.250.000 live in the metropolitan area.

The university community lends the city a unique international and student flavor. Its academic, basketball and football programs are usually nationally ranked. American football is king in Texas. Some high school football stadiums are larger than Division II facilities.

Austin is an oasis in the state of Texas. The Colorado River runs through the city. There are a number of lakes and reservoirs that make Austin the greenest city in the Lone Star State. The Oasis Restaurant sits on a hill and provides a scenic view of Lake Travis

The Assignment

We trained at i2 Technologies. Our client wished to use i2's Trade Matrix product. Dell Computer already used i2's Catalog and Pricing modules to configure PC's on-line. Their supply chain and demand management products are sophisticated and popular. Logistics and pricing engines share many of the same optimization algorithms

The Team

About ten of us from the Atlanta team flew to Austin for a couple weeks of training. It was February, and temperatures were around 85f/30c. We spent a few nights out on Austin's famous Sixth Street. Blues, country, discos, honky-tonk, and rock venues located next to one another. We also spent some time at Buffalo Billiards and Macaroni Grill.


City of Austin
Buffalo Billiards on 6th Street
Music: Continental Club"
Music Festival: South by Southwest
Parks: Austin Explorer
The University of Texas at Austin

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