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Wedding: Katherine & Arthur, 2002

Roggow Wedding: Groomsmen Roggow Wedding: The Roggow Clan Roggow Wedding: Kat getting fixed up Roggow Wedding: Kat getting fixed up Roggow Wedding: Stephan Lau and legendary DePaul coach Ray Meyer

This is a wedding from 2003. My good friend Art and his new wife Kat were married in Chicago's DePaul/Lincoln Park neighborhood. Art is from Chicago and Kat is from Rockford. The reception was held downtown in the Chicago Cultural Center. You may have seen the stairwell used in the Brian dePalma's film The Untouchables with Kevin Costner and Robert DeNiro.

Wedding: Maria and John Michael, 1990

Wedding: Maria and Stephanie Wedding: David and Rick, college roommates reunited Wedding: Lisa and George, college classmates and wrestling teammate Wedding: Maria, Stephanie and David's girlfriend Wedding: George, Did you really save the last dance for me?
Wedding: Maria, niece and nephew Wedding: Rick playing billiards after the reception Wedding: Mary playing billiards after the reception Wedding: Rick at the end of the reception Wedding: George ordering late night eats

This is one of the first weddings that I attended. It was held in Cedar Rapids Iowa with the reception in the Five Seasons; that's one more season than I am aware of! Anyway, my University of Chicago classmates Maria and John Michael were married here. It was a party for our former undergraduate classmates.

You can see in the pictures, our college housemates: Stephanie, Dave, Rick, and Lisa. George, the one with the glasses, was Lisa's boyfriend at the time, and we were on the wrestling team together. In fact, you can see us dancing! I was going out with Mary at the time, she is an Art Institute of Chicago graduate. At the time, my roommate was Rick, and is seen hugging his beer bottle. Today, Maria and John Michael remain happily married and living in California

Wedding: Rebecca and Franklin, 2003

Wedding: Lau Family gathers Wedding: Rebecca, Mom and Dad Wedding: Rebecca and Franklin calling for more photo guests Wedding: Rebecca and Franklin at the church Wedding: Rebecca and Mother-in-Law help
Wedding: Lau Family bride and groom wedding parties Wedding: Lau Family bride and groom wedding parties Wedding: bridesmaids Wedding: groomsmen, geeks or both, you be the judge! Wedding: cousins
Wedding: Nervous Father-in-Law part 1 Wedding: Nervous Father-in-Law part 2 Wedding: The egg game Wedding: reception in Vancouver Wedding: shark fin soup

In 2003, my cousin Rebecca married Franklin in Seattle. This was the first wedding of my generation! The reception was held in Vancouver. The Chinese food is much better in Vancouver, because many former British Commonwealth Hong Kong immigrants have recently moved there. One reminder, at a Cantonese (Guang Dong) wedding, it's all about the food!

The wedding was held on a Saturday and the reception on a Sunday night. Traditionally, there are a number of costume changes for the bride, and you can see Rebecca in white, red, and black dresses. Also, there was a 10 course meal, and I am building this web page. Also interesting is the 'egg game,' see the bottom row center picture to see how this works.

A cantonese wedding is measured by it's food quality. Traditionally, the second or third course of the meal is the soup. It is the quality of this that portends the rest of the meal. As shown here, the number 1 soup is served: shark's fin soup. Bird's nest would be number 2, and everything else would be cause for concern. In San Francisco, a single bowl sells for 10 to 48 USD. In London's Mayflower, the price is 108. It was a very nice reception.

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