Friends, Family, and Me

Wisconsin USA, 1995

Stephan Lau: Egg Harbor, Door County Wisconsin USA 1995 Stephan Lau: Racine, Wisconsin USA 1995 Karen: Egg Harbor, Door County Wisconsin USA 1995 Karen: Door County Wisconsin USA- Dogs Verboten 1995 Door County Wisconsin USA- Wilson's Sundaes 1995

The central portion of the United States is very flat and cities are far from one another. In this region, outdoor activities such as biking, boating, cross-country skiing, fishing, and hunting are popular. Along the Great Lakes reion, there are many summer and winter holiday resort towns and vacation homes. One such area is Door County, Wisconsin.

Door County is located on the northern tip of Wisconsin. It is on Lake Michigan south of the border with Canada. Like certain areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin, Door County was settled by Scandinavians. There is a large population of Swedes and some Norwegians. Indeginous to Sweden, Lingenberry trees have been planted en masse.

Popular Door County meals include crepes with lingenberries, boiled fish, and smoked fish. In the small tourist towns, there are opprtunities for boat tours, antique shopping, bowling, and participation in a traditional fish boil.

Football, 1994-2003

Football: Renegades Women's Soccer year two 1994 Football: Vectors, Honore, Stephan and  Arianne at JP's wedding reception 1994 Football: Vectors, Honore, Stephan and  Arianne at JP's wedding reception 1994 Football: Maroons win United Liths (Lietuva) Tournament 1996 Football: Chicago Celtic prior to Illinois Cup match v Legovia 2003

Chicago's best characteristic is its diversity. Football is a popular world sport but not in America. So for me, it is wonderful to have a city that is populated by 50% foreign born persons. Before 1995, I lived in the city of Chicago proper along the lakefront. At any one time, in the park there were 3 pick-up football games. One had to just wait their turn. It was like being a kid on the playground. Very wonderful memories.

During this time, I coached 1 team, played on 3 teams, had 4 games and 4 practices a week. Friday was my day without football. I coached a women's team for two years, named Renegades. It was a wonderful experience. It was a new team. Our football skills were not very good to start. However, over time, the personnel learned to work together, and we became a better side. The first photo is from our inaugural year.

I also played for a co-ed (mixed) sex team named Vectors in the Windy City Soccer League. The females played in the women's league and the men played in the Metro League, and we won many championships in this co-educational league. The middle set of pictures is with Arianne and Honore from this club. We had a teammate from Marsailles, Jean-Pierre, and this is from his wedding reception in the Sears Tower.

At the time, I also played for Maroons in Metro League on its reserve side. This is an Italian team with it's club in the Elmwood Park neighborhood at Grand and Harlem Avenues. During the summer break, we would play in a number of tournaments, including Italian-fest in Milwaukee and Lietuva-fest in LaGrange Illinois at the World Lith(uanian) Center. This photo is of our manager, trainer, social director, and some Lietuva women organizers.

In 1998, I began travelling for work, and I could no longer attend the practices. Also, I was getting older, so I moved to a different leagues. I found an advertisement for Chicago Celtic and tried out for the club. I have been playing with them since then. Celtic is a pleasant club with many boisterous and friendly fellows. The photo is from our only win in Illinois Cup play, against a club from the Polish League named Legovia.

Group Photos, 1997-2004

Group: Training Dinner at my old Big 4 Accounting Firm, Chicago's Restaurant Scoozi 1998 Group: Farewell Party at University of Chicago Hospitals 1997 Group: 10th Reunion Party, Stephan and Christina 1997 Group: Houston Audit Team 2004 Group: Washington DC Lawson Team 2004

In 1998, I began my travelling job and was introduced to the world of Big Four Accounting Firms. The firms work to instill a sense of esprit de corps amongst their employees. There is normally a 2 to 3 week indoctrination into the firm. The first photo on the left is from such an event, we chose the Chicago restaurant Scoozi for some after class festivities.

That year, I left my position at The University of Chicago Hospitals. My department held a farewell party. Here, they are humoring me by eating my foods of youth. My family emigrated to USA, so they were very impressionable of the consumer advertising.

The year previous, my graduating class at The University of Chicago held its 10th reunion. We were always an anti-social bunch, and it is a wonder that anyone even shows up! I am glad that people do, and I am familiar with the social people in our class. Here, I am standing with one of my friends from that time, Christina. She still lives in Chicago and we are able to see each other on occasion.

The last two photos are from work in 2004. At my new job, our audit teams are composed of local people, and as a specialist, I will be the only person from out-of-town. At my old job, we were all specialists from around the country flying to a single destination. Pictured in the photo are co-workers from Chicago (x2), Boston, Richmond, Atlanta, and our local cab driver from Washington DC.

  • 2004-2005, Stephan Lau-- Chicago Illinois USA