Chicago: Cafe's

Cafe Cappuccino

This Chicago west side cafe is also a reasonable priced eatery and late-night tavern. Italian owned and served by Polish and one or two Czech waitresses, this extremely popular weekend nightclub jumping-off point. It is also a late-night landing spot for parties winding down the evening.

The entire establishment is a cafe with bistro sized tables. A newly constructed outdoor deck houses the Chicago summer time crowd. Pizza, panini, biscotti, and ice cream are available. The food is surprisingly good.

Throughout the day, cafe, expresso, latte, bottled water, beers and wine are available. At night, the sound system is turned up. European music videos play on a couple televisions throughout the cafe. On Sunday mornings, the Italia 'Series A' plays on RAI television.

On the weekend nights, the cafe is packed. Large groups of 8 and 16 are interspersed with couples seeking a little privacy. As with most Chicago cafe's, Polski is the preferred language. The Italian contingent can be found every day and night sitting at the dining rail.

Chicago's West Side: Cafe & Restaurant Addresses

Cafe Prague 6710 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL +1.773.427.7587
Cafe Cappuccino 3717 North Harlem Avenue, Chicago, IL
Chicago by Night 5600 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL +1.773.794.0300
Club Euro (nighclub) 5415 West Irving Park Road,Chicago, IL +1.773.545.2224
New England 6859 West Irving Park Road,Chicago, IL +1.773.685.7155
Operatta 5653 West Fullerton Avenue,Chicago, IL +1.773.622.2613
Pink Krokodile Cafe 6004 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL +1.773.725.2233

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