Copyright and Fair Use

The Berne Convention

The contents of this site are copyright protected under the provisions of The Berne Copyright Convention, GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) treaty, and Title 17 of the United States Code. This being said, information presented to this site is intended for the public domain with the following limitations:


Original photography is marked with the designation (c)yyyy Photos may be copied and used on other web sites providing that the site is for non-commercial use with two exceptions. Exception One: Photos may not be copied and reprinted for resale. Exception Two: Original photography containing images of people may not be used.

A photo credit should be listed. A hyperlink should be provided back to the index.htm page of this web site. Finally, an e-mail notification should be sent to the addressee at the bottom of this page.

Original photos of individuals on this site should not be copied and/or disseminated without a written release by that individual, see Exception Two above. If you are interested in obtaining a release, then please contact me using the e-mail link, and the request will be considered.

Information and Facts

The distribution of facts is encouraged and is not protected under US copyright law. However, please note that facts and figures presented on this site have an origin, and those references are cited. Please consider displaying the reference and linking to the original site.

Only my own personal experiences here should be considered as facts. With the exception of cited facts, all other text is opinion. Use my opinion with caution. Should there be a problem separating fact from editorial, send an e-mail for clarification.

Images and Facts from other sites

In some cases, images and facts have been taken from other sites or publications. All images and facts have been cited and links provided back to non-commercial and non-governmental sites. Two exceptions exist. One is in the case of publicity photos or images meant to promote a city, individual, or product. Secondly, citations have not been made to governmental bodies, official tourism bureaus, and non-governmental organizations promoting an event or tourism.

While it is not required under the doctrine of Fair Use, it is the general policy of this site to notify individuals of the intention to use their image and/or likeness where there is an expectation of privacy. Photos taken in public places or as part of a group event do not meet this accepted criteria. Where non-commercial private sites are cited, it is also the general policy of this site to inform those webmasters by e-mail. Any individuals requesting that their story, image and/or likeness not be presented will immediately have the requested information removed. Webmasters may also request that their sites be unlinked.

Every effort has been made to identify the original source of images. If the presented image is being sold in the public market, please inform the webmaster by using the contact information on the bottom of this page. It is understood that distribution of such images may have a negative impact on livelihood, and these will be immediately removed.

General Disclaimer

This web site is not associated with any for-profit company, government, product, or tourism board. This site is personal in nature and its commentary is protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and the doctrine of Fair Use. More specific disclaimers are presented on the page where any potential confusion may exist.


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