The Lau Family

Mom is a housewife and a former schoolteacher. Mom and Dad first met in (Canton) Guangdong Province in China. Dad tutored her in English. For the next twelve years she followed him through his academic career. They were married upon his graduation from medical school

Her father was a railroad construction worker in California. Later he became a cook. Her mother is a retired seamstress, and she still lives. They lived in New York City's Chinatown.

Both my father and his brother grew up in Guangdong province, attended high school (gymnasium) in Macau, and university in Manila, Phillippines. German (Deutsch) Franciscans were the headmasters of the gymnasium and university. As seen from the map to left, Hong Kong Island, Macau, and Manila are not so far from one another.

Dad is a retired medical doctor and professor emeritus. He trained at The University of Pennsylvania and is a prominent administrator, academic, and clinical professional. He has been a first author publisher in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and  The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

As youths, both he and his brother were high school (gymnasium) province champions in many athletic sports. Today, the population of this province is over 100 million citizens. My father was a 50m and 100m track champion, 100m breaststroke (swimming), and he played basketball on a championship team. His brother was also champion in track, butterfly (swimming), and also played on a championship basketball team.

The two brothers were both table tennis champions in different years. Even today, a single game to 21 points between the brothers will last over twenty minutes. The taller brother plays an attacking game over the table. The shorter one uses spins and disguises the shots from under the table.

His father, my grandfather, was a school headmaster. He provided for the family. All four of his children are citizens of and now reside in The United States of America (USA). He is one of a long line of doctors and teachers in the Lau Family.

On my mother's side, her brother died. His family still lives in Flushing, New York. Most of my cousins received full scholarships to Boston University. The family continues the tradition of civil service. They currently live and work for the City Government of New York and as a television producer in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Lau Family on my father's side also continues a long line of public service. My brother is a doctor of Biomedical Engineering, and works with medical imaging. He and most of my father's side of the family live in Seattle, Washington. My brother is younger by ten years. At this early stage of his career, he has also published over twenty-seven articles. He enjoys skiing, snowboarding, electronics, and computer games.

My cousin Rebecca is a doctor of Pharmacy. Last February, she became the first member of this generation to marry. She and her husband Franklin live in Seattle. Both her mother and father are retired.

I also carry-on the public service tradition. I was previously a hospital administrator. Today, I work exclusively at hospitals as an engineer. In this position, I have worked at the world famous Cleveland Clinic, The University of Chicago Hospitals, and Howard University Hospital. I have also worked for America's largest non-profit hospital organization and its largest nursing (retirement) home chain, for a combined 530 facilities across forty states

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