My philosophy is that knowledge belongs to the world. This slogan was used in the movie Antitrust aka 'Conspiracy.' In my case, I have been a teacher, football coach, and I come from a long line of civil servants, doctors, teachers. My vocation is to share personal knowledge and insight. This web site expands the stage, even if it is a bit impersonal.

As a knowledge sharing vehicle, there will be researched articles and editorials. One of my specialties is contracting and sourcing. I work with hospitals to help them initially contract for and then continually monitor their supplier pricing, so that they can deliver patient care more efficiently and to more patients. While I cannot share my work product, I can share the decision criteria and process that I use in my daily life.

This site is also my own personal communication vehicle to my friends, family and work colleagues. For my work, I travel every week. My friends and family live in different cities around the world. It is much easier to communicate in this forum than to contact each person.

This is designed as a personal site. There is no commercial aspect. All commentary is personal observation. In the case of researched articles, there will be citations. When on-line information is available, a link will be placed.

Contributions are Welcome

User input and contribution are invited. The site contains a discussion forum. Also, I am inviting interested parties to contribute their experiences and knowledge for publication. Send me an e-mail, and we can start that dialogue.

Other Information

Since I was six years old, I have been playing football (american soccer). I have played with a German and Italian club, and currently I play in amateur league for an Irish club, Chicago Celtic. This is the friendliest group of individuals with whom I have played. Many of them are barmen and proprietors. This site will also contain some links to their businesses.

How to Contact Me

On title pages, a form submission bar is placed on the right hand side of the page. If you are on a public machine use the form [ALT-E or TAB] to the right. If you do not have an e-mail account, you can still send me mail from the form. If you are on your machine, you can use the link at the bottom of the page to send me mail.

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